"This album gives you an opportunity to experience a special kind of connection?. You can connect to the music, to three beautiful female voices, life stories, fate, destiny, and free will. You can connect to oneness, to the pure source within each and every one of us, to the past, present, and future. The lyrics of the tales, songs and rhymes are teachings, blessings, sweet or bitter memories, playful gossips. Their messages are everlasting and relevant to this day; birth, life, death, body, and soul. It is about us, for us. While singing of the earthly and celestial stages of female lives, the topic of boys, men, fathers, and husbands emerges. They make a whole separately and together as well, accompanying each other along the way, their stories and lives interweave, „túl a vizen, innen is…” [”beyond the water, from here…”]”

Mária Bajzáth

Vasárnap D A L I N D A koncert Leányfalun, a Szent Anna templom előtt, 18:30-tól! Ki ne hagyjátok! ;)

Közzétette: DALINDA – 2017. június 23., péntek